Elkhorn Slough Classes

Coastal Sea Kayaking 1- (Elkhorn Slough)

Our goal is to introduce you to sea kayaking while you enjoy the amazing wildlife of the Monterey Bay. If you are looking for a foundation to sea kayaking, this is the class for you! We focus on the fundamentals - from gear to kayak strokes - in the ultimate on the water classroom. 

Coastal Sea Kayaking 2: Rescues (Elkhorn Slough)

An important part of Sea Kayaking is knowing what to do in case of a capsize. In this class, we work on preventing capsizes with bracing techniques, and practice what to do when your brace fails. 

Coastal Sea Kayaking 1 & 2 (Elkhorn Slough)

Combining Sea Kayaking 1 & 2 is a great way to spend a day learning to kayak. We cover the basics of how to maneuver a sea kayak and what to do in case of capsize.  Because of the all day nature of this class, we strongly encourage participants to be in good physical condition.

Coastal Sea Kayaking 3: Advanced Boat Control (Elkhorn Slough)

Being in absolute control of your kayak is important! This class focuses on maneuvering strokes and techniques.  It is recommended that you have previous rescue training before taking this class.

Coastal Sea Kayaking 4: Navigation

Being out in the water when the fog rolls in, and having no idea where you are can be dangerous. Knowing how to handle that situation will make you a far safer kayaker. You will learn about tides, currents and wind, along with how to read a nautical map. 

Coastal Sea Kayaking- Rolling (Elkhorn Slough)

Knowing the technique to right yourself in a kayak without getting out of the boat is an invaluable tool! Rolling safely is more about technique and not strength, so learning it the right way will save you months if not years of frustration.

Surf Kayaking Clinic

Surf Kayaking Clinics to develop your current kayaking skills to let you have more fun while you are surfing. We can work on anything from the very fundamentals, becoming more dynamic on the wave! 


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