Point Lobos/ Open Coast Paddling Tours

Come and explore the world of open coast paddling
with our experienced advanced guides! 

Please call for booking.

Beginner/Intermediate Level
- Point Lobos State Marine Reserve
- Cement Ship

Advanced Level Tours
- Golden Gate Bridge to Angel Island
- North Coast / Davenport
- Kayak Connection to Kayak Connection (Moss Landing to Santa Cruz)
- Monterey Bay Crossing

Please note: These guided day tours are designed for kayakers who are ready for the next level, but are new to rugged coast paddling.

Point Lobos State Marine Reserve
One of the greatest headlands to ever meet the sea. This guided day trip starts off in Whalers Cove located inside the Point Lobos Reserve. Kayakers will then glide over kelp beds and paddle along the beautiful rocky cliffs lined with cypress trees. The abundance of marine wildlife (sea lions, harbor seals, otters, and seabirds) make this one of the world's finest kayaking destinations.  Clear water allows you to see down into the kelp forest and sea caves allow for amazing exploration! Round trip returning back to Whalers Cove.  Under ideal conditions this tour is great for kayakers with little or no experience. Bring own lunch and water. $125.

Meets at Whalers Cove: 

2014 Dates!

Saturday, May 10th @ 9am

Saturday, June 7th @ 9am

Saturday, June 28th @ 9am

Sunday, July 13th @ 9am

Sunday, July 27th @ 9am

Saturday, August 9th @ 9am

Friday, August 22rd @ 9am

Saturday, September 6th @ 9am

Saturday, September 27th @ 9am

Sunday, October 12th @ 9am

Cement Ship
The Cement Ship off Seacliff State beach was built in Oakland in 1918 as a supply ship for World War 1.  Although the war ended before the Palo Alto was put to it's original use, it made it's way to Santa Cruz and was used as a casino and dance hall during the 1930's.  Now a crumbling relic, the Palo Alto provides a sanctuary for birds and fish and a great destination for kayakers looking for an incredible sight.  Although not technically on the open coast, the Cement Ship tour is a still considered a longer tour for intermediate paddlers. Trip Length: 11 miles. $85

Meet at SC Shop:

Saturday: September 6th at 8:00am

Please note: All-day tours require: an advanced skill level; a proven track record in being able to paddle 10 miles and handle choppy wind to 15 knots and not get seasick; comfortable landing and exiting skills in surf up to three feet; practiced open water rescue skills in a closed deck kayak.

Golden Gate Bridge to Angel Island
Join us on this classic paddle. We'll start at Richardson Bay and paddle toward the Golden Gate Bridge around Yellow Bluff. We'll then ride the tide to Angel Island and paddle around the Island landing for lunch. In the afternoon we'll return to Richardson Bay. Bring own lunch and water. Trip Length: 9-10 miles. $100.

Meet at Horseshoe Cove near North end of Golden Gate Bridge:

Call for dates and details!

North Coast/Davenport
This advanced paddle from Davenport Landing to the Santa Cruz Harbor will put you in touch with the pristine, untouched north coast of Santa Cruz. We'll paddle past caves, kelp forests, empty beaches, shy harbor seals and an endless variety of seabirds. You must be comfortable in open ocean conditions and have enough stamina to paddle long distances. Trip Length: 15 miles. $100.

Meet at SC Shop.

Call for dates and details!

Kayak Connection to Kayak Connection
Join us as we start at our location in the Santa Cruz Harbor and paddle to our location next to the Elkhorn Slough. Before you join this outing, you must do the Natural Bridges trip and the Cement Ship trip (or trips of similar length and skill level with another experienced outfitter). This trip is about 5 hours long and requires unflagging paddling stamina. Trip Length: 16 miles. $100. (includes boat, equipment, guide and a shuttle back to our Santa Cruz shop).

Meet at SC Shop:

Call for dates and details!

Monterey Bay Crossing
This is the ultimate open ocean crossing. It's long, isolated and can get rough. So why do it? "Why not?!" What a wonderful feeling it will be to finish. You have to do our paddle to Moss Landing and other long distance trips before you can join this crossing. Trip Length: 25 miles. $100. (includes boat, equipment, guide, and shuttle back to Santa Cruz).

Meet at SC Shop.

Call for dates and details!

Private Tours
We can put together any of these tours for your group at a time that is convenient for you for an extra $20 per person. Contact us at Staff@KayakConnection.com and ask us about our private Open Coast trips.

Cancellation Policy: Reservations are required for all tours and payment is due in full at the time of reservation. We require 48 hours notice for all cancellations.  If Kayak Connection determines unsafe conditions due to weather (i.e. strong winds, high surf, etc) reservations will result in a full refund.