SCPaddlefest 2016

30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest

    February 1, 2016

The 30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest!
March 18th-20th
Surf Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing, SUP Racing, Waveski, and more!

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How does the Santa Cruz PaddleFest tie into Kayak connection? Well, Dave Grigsby and I were both convinced onto the planning committee about 4 years ago. We initially helped put on the Cowell’s part of the event. For me, in the beginning, the committee meetings were mainly about understanding the way everything was put together. Each person had different small roles in helping the event. Dennis Judson was the driving force behind the event, the man at the helm.

Last year Dennis handed the wheel over to Dave and I. We were to put the event on as the leading organizers. We didn’t really want to change much about the event and hoped to put on as best as an event as we could. Dennis had such a legacy with the event and we did not want to disappoint. With lots of hard work, late nights, and guidance we were able to host the 29th SCPF. In our wildest dreams we could not have imagined the results we got.

There is nothing you can feel but stoked when 6 foot swell and no wind graces your event. It was so warm that people were choosing to surf without wetsuits, which is generally unheard of in late winter. Our race has the highest turnout ever and our surfing event was filled with class competitors. I could not see a better result for our first year organizing such a renowned event.

2016 brings few changes to SCPF. Dave has stepped into a more supporting role and I have become the driving force behind SCPF. This year also heralds the Santa Cruz Paddlefest’s 30th anniversary. Come join us at Steamer Lane and celebrate love for Paddle Surfing. The action starts Friday March 18th and we continue through Sunday March 20th.

Happy Paddling,

Mat Hoff

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