Kayak Tour in the Elkhorn Slough

Glowing Bioluminescence Back in the Elkhorn Slough

    April 21, 2015

As the days grow longer, plankton blooms of dinoflagellates start to appear in large numbers in the Elkhorn Slough. The result is a stunning miniature show of  underwater fireworks right below your kayak.  Best in very dark conditions, your paddle showcases the amazing display of bioluminescence.

Last season one of our tours had the good fortune of the accompaniment of a curious harbor seal  that swam along under our kayaks, creating a continuous and dazzling light show for all of our guests.  The tour was one of our kayak guide’s top three most memorable paddles in the Elkhorn Slough!

This massive cloud of plankton glows for just a tenth of a second. Their light displays are thought to be a defense mechanism used to startle predators.  If you are interested in learning more about the bioluminescence in the Elkhorn Slough, we highly recommend you come for an evening tour with us this summer. We have tours running during optimal viewing conditions for dark nights with low light, starting in May and running until there is no glow left. Click here for more information and to see available dates and tour times.

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