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Sea Kayak Sale

    September 7, 2017

Sea Kayak Sale!

We have many beautiful fiberglass and thermoformed plastic kayaks that have been hanging on our walls for too long. We have deeply discounted our entire glass / thermoformed stock and are offering free demos all day long.

In addition to our sea kayak selection, we are also happy to announce that Kayak Connection is now a dealer for Nelo Surfskis and Knysna Racing Paddles. We will have the Nelo 510 plastic surfski and Knysna Racing wing paddles available for rentals and demos. Nelo skis are produced in Portugal, and the Knysna paddles are imported from South Africa. These high quality products are extremely difficult to find on the west coast and we are proud to offer the sea kayak community an opportunity to sample them.

Rentals for our Nelo surfskis are $40 for a half day in the Elkhorn Slough.  Rentals include a wing paddle.


Sea Kayak Inventory:

Eddyline (thermoformed plastic)
Fathom LV: MSRP $2,699 – Sale $2,025
Nighthawk: MSRP $,2649 – Sale $2,000
Raven: MSRP $2,799 – Sale $2,240

Necky (fiberglass)
Eliza: MSRP $2,999 – Sale $2,100
Looksha III: MSRP $3,000 – Sale $2,000

Compass 140 (thermoformed plastic): MSRP $2,295 – Sale $1800
Luna (fiberglass): MSRP $3,570 – Sale $2,500
Nigel Foster Shadow (fiberglass): MSRP $3,580 – Sale $2,685

Wilderness Systems (fiberglass)
Tempest 170 Pro: MSRP $3105 – Sale $2,750
Zephyr 155 Pro: MSRP $3,005 – Sale $1,990

For a complete list and description of our kayaks in stock, please visit our shop page.

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