Elkhorn Slough Classes

Elkhorn Slough Outdoor School


The Elkhorn Slough Outdoor School combines the fun and excitement of kayaking in the Elkhorn Slough with the intriguing exploration of beach-hiking around Monterey Bay's coastal dunes.   This summer day trip is a great way to expose your child to the wildlife of the Elkhorn Slough and the Monterey Bay.  With content modeled around the California Education Standards, our trained naturalist guides show groups of children around this magical place while discussing and viewing marine mammals, birds, and plants.  Join Kayak Connection “kid specialist” guides on one of these extremely popular and fun days. All rental equipment (kayaks, safety equipment) is included.  8-13 yrs.  
This class runs from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Location: Kayak Connection Elkhorn Slough