Elkhorn Slough Classes

Sea Kayak Club


The Sea Kayak Club is a great way to improve your confidence on the water and in a closed-deck kayak, while enjoying the fun and camaraderie of a supportive paddling group of new sea-going buddies. Take in the wonders and wildlife of the Monterey Bay as we paddle from the iconic Santa Cruz Harbor or the Elkhorn Slough at each class meeting.  Classes cover the skills taught in our Coastal Sea Kayaking levels 1 through 4 including basic strokes, rescues, bracing, and ending the series with a day in the Elkhorn Slough where we practice navigation and chart reading.  The club meets every Sunday, rain or shine!

At the end of the scheduled sessions, you have the opportunity to purchase an optional club membership card for $100 giving you 5 half day single kayak rentals. This is a special deal for club members only and will help you use your new skills as a sea kayaker.  
No experience necessary.

Course Outline:
Week 1- Coastal Sea Kayaking 1- Basic Paddle Strokes and Equipment Use  (Santa Cruz Harbor)
Week 2- Coastal Sea Kayaking 2- Rescue Class (Santa Cruz Harbor)
Week 3- Club paddle (Santa Cruz Harbor or Elkhorn Slough)
Week 4- Coastal Sea Kayaking 3- Bracing and Advanced strokes (Santa Cruz Harbor)
Week 5- Coastal Sea Kayaking 4- Navigation in the Elkhorn Slough (Elkhorn Slough)

Each Class is 3 Hours long.