Santa Cruz Harbor Classes

Progression and Exploration - Elkhorn Slough: Tidal Planning


The Elkhorn Slough is a very special place in the Monterey Bay.  It is the perfect venue to learn more about tidal currents and trip planning, all while paddling alongside some of the largest populations of sea otters and harbor seals in the Monterey Bay.

The Slough hosts an abundance of wildlife and a variety of paddling conditions, but paddling the Elkhorn Slough can be tricky with the winds and currents. During our journey we will learn how to plan for a successful trip with tidal navigation and precise planning. Our journey will start out at the mouth of Elkhorn Slough which is full of sea otters and seals, and our goal is to paddle the 4.5 miles to Kirby Park. There we will take a lunch break and enjoy a huge diversity of bird life. After lunch we will plan our route back home with the tides and wind.  We will be paddling about 9 miles over the course of a 5 hour trip.