Elkhorn Slough Tours

We offer sea kayaking and stand-up paddling rentals, instruction, and tours in Moss Landing at Elkhorn Slough.

Elkhorn Slough King Tide Tour

Join us for a special outing during the highest tides of the year!  Elkhorn Slough looks completely different when submerged by the King Tide.  We'll explore a maze of side channels and hard to reach places that are not accessible on lower tides.  We'll even have the opportunity to paddle over the normal banks of the the slough and float under the oak trees!  This is a once in a year experience you will not want to miss!

Super Minus Tide Tour

Experience Elkhorn Slough at the lowest tide of the year.  As well as the usual marine mammals you will see dozens of different species of birds and many of the creatures that hide under water at higher tide levels.

Birdwatching Tour - Elkhorn Slough

In the fall and winter the Elkhorn Slough virtually vibrates with birds-- flocks of sandpipers, dunlins, dowitchers and other shorebirds visit the Slough on their annual migration, some traveling thousands of miles. Come experience one of the top bird watching areas in the Nation! 

Elkhorn Slough Wildlife Tour

This is by far our most popular kayak tour! Experience the diverse wildlife of the Elkhorn Slough, named one of the top ten wildlife viewing destinations in the country.  You are guaranteed to see harbor seals, sea lions and the real crowd pleasers: The Southern Sea Otter! 

Family Adventure Tour - Elkhorn Slough

Come visit the hidden treasure of the Elkhorn Slough, located in Moss Landing. This two-hour tour is created with your little ocean enthusiast in mind! The tour is perfect for families.  Our guides focus on fun sea otter, harbor seal, and sea lion facts guaranteed to delight the very young in age and young at heart! 

Starlight Bioluminescence Tour

Join us for the experience of a lifetime. You will see the resident marine life in a rarely viewed nocturnal environment, and then if conditions are right, enjoy the glow as your paddle propels your kayak through the bioluminescent waters.  (Offered during the spring and summer months)

Sunset Tour - Elkhorn Slough

Join us for one of our most popular outing in Moss Landing. We meet 2 hours before sunset and go out for a paddle in the company of otters, seals, herons, and pelicans to watch the sky turn pink as the sun sets.

Moonlight Paddle - Elkhorn Slough

Join us for the experience of a lifetime. We'll watch the sun set and then paddle under the light of the moon. Our focus for this trip is to enjoy the moon's shimmering light on the water and experience paddling in the dark.

Sunrise Tour of the Elkhorn Slough

Nothing is more beautiful than the waters of the Elkhorn Slough by morning light.

We Paddle, You Photo!

Ready for an outstanding photography opportunity without the hassle of maneuvering yourself to avoid losing that perfect shot? Kayak Connection offers a "We Paddle, You Photo" service!

Moss Landing Whale Watching Tour

Moss Landing sits right off of the vertigo inspiring Monterey Bay Canyon. At nearly two miles deep the Canyon brings a wealth of wildlife close to shore. Summer time sees an abundance of small bait fish and the creatures that enjoy eating them by the ton; WHALES!

Private Tours

You can book any of our beginner and intermediate Elkhorn Slough tours for your group if the times that are listed don't fit your schedule, or simply if you want more privacy.



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