Elkhorn Slough Tours

Birdwatching Tour - Elkhorn Slough


In the fall and winter the Elkhorn Slough is full of migrating birds-- flocks of sandpipers, dunlins, dowitchers and other shorebirds visit the Slough on their annual migration, some traveling thousands of miles. We have been lucky enough to spot birds on the rare and endangered species lists, such as the snowy plover and the peregrine falcon. The Slough has even held the record for the highest number of bird species (116) observed from a fixed point in one day!

Tour participants will be exposed to birds in many of the Slough's different habitats including the main channel, tidal creeks, grasslands, oak woodlands and more.  This tour is three hours long and takes place at low tide for the best viewing scenario.

Duration: 3 Hours
An introductory tour: No kayaking experience necessary.