Elkhorn Slough Tours

Moss Landing Whale Watching Tour


Moss Landing sits right off of the vertigo inspiring Monterey Bay Canyon. At nearly two miles deep the Canyon brings a wealth of wildlife close to shore. Summer time sees an abundance of small bait fish and the creatures that enjoy eating them by the ton; WHALES! 

The end goal of this 3 Hour Tour is to find these gentle giants and experience them at the water level. We cannot guarantee Whales, but it is more than likely that you will see Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, and Sea Lions.

This tour is only available when whales are present near Moss Landing, which is usually in the late summer and early fall. Please contact us for more information.

Due to the nature of the tour we require our guests to have the following experience:

  • Be a strong swimmer
  • Have open ocean Sea Kayaking experience
  • Be able to Paddle up to 6 miles in potentially choppy, windy conditions

Important things to take note of

  • It is unfair and unsafe for you and others to exaggerate your kayaking experience when being pre-qualified on the phone for the tour.
  • If ocean conditions are too rough the guide has the final say to change the tour to a 3 Hour Elkhorn Slough Tour, this decision may not come until everyone is in their kayaks and at the harbor mouth. If this happens the guests will receive a $25 refund (thus paying the standard $60 for a 3 Hour Tour).
  • Tours will only be done out of Closed Deck Double Kayaks.
  • Wet Suits are required and will be provided by Kayak Connection.
  • There is no Guarantee of seeing whales and NO refunds will be given if whales are not seen.

Cost: $85 per person
Duration: 3 Hours

Call For Reservations    831-479-1121