Santa Cruz Harbor Tours

We offer sea kayaking and stand-up paddling tours leaving from the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Monterey Bay Wildlife Tour

Explore the wonders of our nation's largest national marine sanctuary and the second largest in the world.  Paddle with dolphins, sea otters, seals, sea lions and even the occasional humpback whale! 

Sunset Tour - Santa Cruz

Join us for our most popular outing in Santa Cruz. We meet 2 hours before sunset and go out for a paddle in the company of otters, seals, herons, and pelicans to watch the sky turn pink as the sun sets.

Moonlight Paddle - Santa Cruz

Join us for the experience of a lifetime. We'll watch the sun set and the moon rise, and then paddle under the light of the full moon.

Sunrise Tour of the Santa Cruz Harbor

Nothing is more beautiful than the waters of Monterey Bay by morning light. We offer a Sunrise paddle for those early risers.  Early morning is by far the best time to be on the Bay with the calmest waters, serene views and wildlife abound. 

Kayak Fishing Clinic

Want to try kayak fishing for the first time, or hope to pick up some tips and tricks from a local expert?

Sea Kayak Club

Join the club! This five week intensive sea kayaking course is a great way to learn how to paddle a closed-decked kayak and learn how to navigate in open water. Try out some of the sleekest, fastest, most responsive kayaks in our fleet while learning basic kayaking strokes and paddling techniques, self-rescues and partner rescues. 

Private Tours

You can book any of our beginner and intermediate Monterey Bay tours for your group if the times that are listed don't fit your schedule, or simply if you want more privacy.  Give us a call at either location to book your private tour today. 


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